Who We Are

"We Believe" is a radio and television show, produced by Catholic Media Productions, in accordance with the documents of the Second Vatican Council. Its founder James F. Walsh Jr., a Roman Catholic deacon, and permanent guest, Dr. Richard Shriver, a protestant minister, discuss the basic teachings of the Catholic faith. Our sincere hope and prayer is to build a "Bridge of Understanding" among all the children of God.

Walsh, Shriver, Bishop Choby, and Warner on the TV Set.

Our Purpose:

Education - To discuss the teachings of the Catholic faith - with a Protestant response

Evangelization - To spread the Gospel

Ecumenism - People of God embracing each other as brothers and sisters in Christ

Our Mission:

Bringing people to Christ using modern communication technology

Our Ministry:

"We Believe" - to help people see the beauty and feel the warmth of the Catholic faith - with the hope for Christian unity

Our Story

The Hand of God
by George McClintock

The story of the We Believe Show