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Learn about the Catholic Faith with free downloadable Podcasts

To celebrate its mission and to express appreciation to its supporters Catholic Media Productions is launching a special project for the Year of Faith. Catholic Media Productions is making available, free of charge, selected radio shows as downloadable podcasts.

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These podcasts represent a review of what Catholics believe. The presentations are by Deacon James F Walsh Jr. with a Protestant commentary by Dr. Richard Shriver.

They are organized according to the four pillars of the Catholic Faith: What we believe (Doctrine); the sacraments, the commandments, and the way we pray.

Please send your comments to Deacon James F Walsh at jimwalsh@webelieveshow.org

DOCTRINE: What we believe

The Proof of the Existence of God
Can we really prove that God exists? Deacon Jim Walsh and Dr. Richard Shriver explain the proofs of the existence of God according to St. Thomas Aquinas.

Old Testament Salvation History
The Bible's account of creation of the world and the story of Adam and Eve, fact or fiction?

The Life of Christ
A dramatic narration of the life of Christ, from his birth to his Ascension into heaven. (National Award winning program, Tucson, 2011, presented by the Alliance of Community Media.)

The Divinity of Christ
Was Jesus Christ, God, man, or the greatest fraud that ever lived? If God, how could he suffer? If man, how could he save us? What did the Church decide?

The Natures of Christ
How can Catholics possibly say that Mary was the Mother of God? Do they think that Mary was divine and existed from all eternity?

The Trinity
Legend says that when St. Augustine was writing a book about the Trinity he had a vision. An Angel told him that it would be easier to put a vast ocean into a small hole in the sand than to understand the Trinity. Was the angel right?

The Marks of the Church
How many churches did Christ found? One? Two? Two hundred? Is there any way to tell?

The Primacy of Peter
Did Christ make Peter first among the Apostles? How do we know? Is there anything in Scripture that backs up this claim? If so, where do we find it?

Paul of Tarsus
Tradition tells us that both St. Peter and St Paul met their deaths in Rome during the persecution of Emperor Nero. While St. Peter was cruelly executed by crucifixion, St. Paul was more fortunate. He simply had his head cut off. Why the difference? (A National Award winning program, 2007, Washington, D.C., presented by the Alliance for Community Media.)

Selecting the Books of the New Testament
Some people think that the Bible came down from heaven on a golden cord all divided up into chapter and verse. Who picked the books in the New Testament? When did they do it? Were they right?

Selecting the Books in the Old Testament
Which came first, the Hebrew people or the Old Testament? Who picked out the books of the Old Testament? Did they have a right to do so? Why do Catholics and Protestants disagree about this?

Papal Infallibility
Is the Pope right about everything? Are Catholics required to believe that he is? If so, why? If not, why not?

The Mystical Body
What do we mean by the Mystical Body of Christ? Who told us about it? Is it true that you couldn't get into heaven unless you belong to the Mystical Body of Christ? If so, who belongs?