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For three years in a row, Catholic Media Productions (CMP) TV Programs have won first place for Religious Programs at the Southeastern Alliance of Community Media Convention. CMP’s latest award took place at the Alliance for Community Media National Convention held in Pittsburg, PA in 2010, winning first place in Category 35 Spiritual/Religious Program. Over 1300 entries were submitted in all 40 categories. These programs lasting twenty-eight minutes and thirty seconds cover the basic teaching of the Catholic Faith from an ecumenical point of view. Deacon Jim Walsh explains the teaching of the Catholic Church and Dr. Richard Shriver adds a Protestant perspective.Aside from providing an ecumenical aspect to the shows, Dr. Shriver is in an excellent position to know what questions the Protestants have about the Catholic faith.

These TV programs have been played successfully on Community Access Stations in Atlanta, Louisville and Chapel Hill, North Carolina. They are presently playing on Catholic Station KNXT-TV in Fresno, CA as well as Community Access stations in Nashville and other Tennessee cities.

CMP wishes to express its appreciation to the Knights of Columbus and especially Nashville Council 544 for assistance in the production of these programs. For a limited time, these TV programs will be available free of charge to TV Stations that which to broadcast this Basic Series in whole or in part.

For further information and a sample program please contact:

Mr. Jerry Strebel, Chairman, TV Division, Catholic Media Productions
(615) 373-0959 (home) (615) 974-7865 (cell)
Jim Walsh, Chairman, Catholic Media Productions
(615) 646-4041
We Believe
PO Box 50654
Nashville, TN 37205